Audi shows off its progress in driving autonomous Audi Q2 to scale

The Conference and Workshop on Processing Systems
Neural information (NIPS, for its acronym in English), is one of the events
specialized in artificial intelligence more important in the world. And Audi has shown for the first time a
interesting technology that unveils a part of the progress of the mark of the
four rings in the field of driving autonomous.


With a small Audi Q2, as shown by the German manufacturer of the four rings on its progress in the field of driving autonomously.

Held from 5 to 10 December in Barcelona, Audi will show the audience how a car can develop strategies for parking lot intelligent. To do this use a small Audi Q2 scale. The mark is also displayed to the specialists and professionals the field information on the positions of work in innovative areas that will need to cover in the next few years.

small Audi Q2 of a “toy” that we can see in the pictures that accompany this article is equipped with a self-learning system. A technology that presents key to the cars driving autonomously in the future. For the time being, Audi will be the only automaker that will be present at the Conference NIPS. And with the small Q2 will demonstrate the process of “parking lot smart”.

In a small area that measures 3 x 3 meters, car search and find autonomously a parking space right after parking himself in it without driver intervention. The Audi Q2 scale is equipped with a sensor technology that consists of two individual cameras forward and backward to operate in collaboration with ten ultrasonic sensors located at various points around the vehicle.


The Audi Q2 scale used by the brand to show their advances in this technology, the detail.

All of these components are controlled through a central computer that processes all the data obtained through the cameras and sensors. In this way, the car, the scale first determines its relative position with respect to the parking space. Once senses the position, calculates how you can drive safely to the destination set for parking. The vehicle maneuver, turns and moves forward and backward depending on the situation they find themselves in.

Although a priori it may seem a technology that is not novel and innovative, the truth is that the most important thing of this system that shows us Audi is that it has the ability to learn from the trials and errors. Thanks to this, with the passage of time the system will become more “intelligent and efficient”. The prototype has been developed by Audi Electronics Venture (AEV), a subsidiary of Audi AG with headquarters in the German town of Gaimersheim.

on the other hand, Audi has confirmed that used for the first time a software “self-learning” in the new generation of the Audi A8. The central controller driver assistance, better known as “zFAS”. The brand highlights that the future of the autonomous vehicle and connected systems and integration of artificial intelligences will be a priority.