Audi Sport Quattro, the legend


If we had to choose cars that simbolizasen the last decades in the world of the rallies we would have to cite to theLancia Delta Integrale,Mini Cooper, Lancia Stratos, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo… but, without any doubt, among those who have been chosen will be one that history and track record highlight next to the Integrale, the Audi Quattro. For both were manufactured 164 street units, which together with the 50 of the competition served to comply with the provisions of the Group B -the category of rallies that dominated the eighties with its lax regulations, powers of more than 500 HP and a rate of deaths “worrying”- that required at least 200 cars manufactured.

This car represented a big step up in power, and motor skills which gave traction to the four wheels. After catching the competition by surprise -Audi pressured the FIA to allow traction total – it was thought that Ingolstadt had plans for his off-road military Iltis and she was not given importance. For Audi, however, the meaning of all this was to make an intimate union between the street and the track becoming the Quattro on one of the icons of sportiness of the eighties, and currently maintained throughout its range.

The King Juan Carlos I enjoyed one like this and also did a Porsche 959.

The resistance Audi to get away from the cars street was a penalty. Their competitors derived their provisions to rear engine, Audi maintained its engine and change ahead of the front axle, leading to cars very subviradores to the limit. Shortening the distance between the axles, creating this version, which became even more nervous. Some riders like Stig Blomqvist continued the battle long.


The King Juan Carlos I and his Audi Quattro

The five-cylinder engine turbo 2.133 cc is surprisingly civilized. Below 3,000 rpm the feeling is one of total abandonment, as a turbo engine from the eighties that is. Above that regime, you’re literally the seat by applying its 350 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm. Developed a power of 302 HP in his version of street.

The car is really fast even compared to cars today. Today, there are models that you can offer sensations similar as Subaru or Mitsubishi, and for far less money than it might cost this Audi, but if, in the charm-added of this model.

To be catalogued as “too fast” to compete, these cars are very desirable by the collectors. The prices are absolutely skyrocketing, and you can see figures of over 100,000€ for a copy of pedigree.


The racing version is the most sought-after