Audi Sportscar experience driving in Montmeló, a lot of horses, speed and lessons

Year-to-year, Audi is trying to train drivers to be able to function in all possible areas of driving. Among all the courses that dealt, there is one that is more special than the rest, the Audi Sportscar Experience, whose last event took place in the Catalan circuit of Montmelo, and where, invited by the brand, there we go.


Collected and in a row, india are waiting for us to maltreat them. A relationship of many horses

early in the morning in Barcelona, we get to half-awaken and with a low temperature. Montmeló, clear to us, expected with a build-up of large sporting Audi, which again are represented by units, RS and R. A pleasure for the eye and the ear, all the awakened world that starts so powerful.

Before anything else, and as usual, the typical safety talk. More than anything else it is worth remembering that here they are not coming to do crazy things. Okay, we’re on a circuit and surrounded by some of the horses more powerful coming out of Germany, and yes, we’re going to run, so let’s do it with head and sensibly. First of all have a good time and learn.

Meanwhile one does not prevent him ricen the hairs of your arms when you hear awaken several V10 at the same time. Is a sound that is unmatched, and they, like us, must be ready and willing to receive tough treatment, but as good sports who boast to be probably the wait with more longing than we…well, no, that urge to sit behind the wheel of that creature and more when it has passed through my hands its predecessor in editing ultralimitada, the Audi R8 LMX. What the new will surpass the old? We will know soon.


The RS 6, the other beast of Audi, was also present at the event with a prominent role

first of all, the monitors separate us into groups. Each will perform three different exercises, two of them are drawn, and one of acceleration and emergency braking. Despite the fact that the first thing you do had as scenario the straight back of Montmeló, and the entire area of the curves prior to the start / finish straight, let me tell you first the test braking and acceleration, two key points to talk about sports and circuits.

On this occasion, we hopped into another of the creatures that are part of the holiday, the Audi RS6. This, which occupies a prominent place in my heart petrolhead, will serve to learn how to perform an emergency brake stop and dodge at high speeds. It may seem like a silly: “since stepping on the brake and that’s it”, but nothing more far from reality if we take into account the data of the DGT, it is estimated that just the 2% of drivers who have suffered an accident have been braking properly.

The operation is very simple, accelerate to the bottom of the possibilities of the car, which are many, and stop once we have past a few cones. The intention is to dodge a few cones located at the end of the lane by a dodge while we slow down. At the time of trying to stop the car not worth half measures, stomp on pedal and hold. It is a simple task, because the RS6 with its huge brakes carbocerámicos are of great help. Even so it is the same maneuver you would do with any other car. PD: No cone was injured during the making of this test.

The following exercises were aimed, as I said before, learn to trace. In this case, we climbed aboard the new R8 Audi, and although impressed in all aspects, there are to know how to lead to this bug for your site, so for this the monitors have divided the circuit into two areas. The two areas more twisty the path. And although this soon I’ll tell you in the test of the Audi R8, I advance that what this car is capable of in their natural habitat is simply awesome.

To finish the day nothing better than a few fast laps of the full circuit on the back of the 610 HP of the new Audi R8 Plus. An experience in which everyone can participate, although this time will have to be next year, since the day at Montmeló was the conclusion of the season of asphalt

Soon, the brand will announce calendar, circuits and prices for the coming year. To date Audi has been taught to more than 25,000 drivers thanks to the Audi Driving Experience. A day that not only served to enjoy the capabilities of the branches of the most sporting Audi, but also it was to go home with more knowledge of the limits of each one, without forgetting of course the good atmosphere that reigned throughout the day.


The skin of chicken when you stab the right foot on the accelerator pedal. The test soon