Audi stopped production in Brussels after the terrorist attacks

Audi A1 Martorell terrorist attacks have to Europe on tenterhooks and Brussels, the last goal, in a total situation of alert. The situation is such that the government has advised citizens not to leave their houses and avoid large crowds of people. Audi has also been added to these requests, asking for 1,100 workers on the next shift who do not come to your workplace for security reasons.

By the time this is the only turn that the factory Audi in Brussels, where he manufactures the Audi A1, has been cancelled. Remains the first morning shift, although it could be cancelled if you so advise the authorities or if they should happen, let’s hope that no new terrorist attacks in Brussels. The facilities of Audi in Brussels are on the opposite side of the city to the Brussels airport, located in Zaventem and that has been the epicenter of the attacks today. The 250 units of the Audi A1 at the moment, it will no longer manufacture will be able to recover without problem later.

Audi A1 MartorellAudi has also reinforced security measures of the facilities in which they are employed 2,500 employees. Belgium, as it could not be another way to this unfortunate situation, has raised the terrorist alert to the highest level and has cancelled the public transportation at the same time that has been suggested to the citizens to stay in their homes. The nuclear power plant Tihange has also evacuated its workers for safety.

in the early hours of this morning have taken place three explosions in the belgian city of Brussels. Two have been shaken to the airport of Zaventem, closed currently, while the third has taken place in the train station and metro Maelbeek, which is near the building of the European Commission. By the time there is that regret over 34 dead and hundreds injured in these attacks, claimed by the United Islamic.

Source – Automotive News

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