Audi TT RS 2016, discovered along with their future opponents

we Know that this is not the first time that we intercept the Audi TT RS 2016 in a stage of its testing phase. However capital has been our surprise when on this occasion what we have discovered along with four of their more direct rivals. A caravan of which we can draw many conclusions.


The TT RS starts to show its definitive picture, but for the moment cover

Just in the gates of the centre of development, applus + idiada in Barcelona have been discovered, not only the mule of the TT RS 2016, but also a few models that will compete with this: Mercedes A45 AMG 2016, the Porsche Cayman GT4 and the Lotus Evora 400. Now, what can we deduce from this quartet so motley?

recently we had the question of: what if the Audi TT RS 2016 had 400 HP? That question was based on information and ideas that came to our heads, but everything seems to indicate that we weren’t doing very misguided to our proposal of power, as if they have something in common units views, is that all hover around that figure.

they are All among the 381 HP of the A45 and the 400 HP in the Evora 400. In the middle we have the Porsche Cayman GT4 with its boxer engine six-cylinder and 385 HP. Quickly jump to the view that the new TT RS will have a power similar to that of any of his three rivals. If not for that we have seen all together?


The caravan discovered is not that it passed very unnoticed

Now remains to elucidate where it will come from the power of the Audi TT. It was hoped that the RS was an upgraded version of the TTS, which has a five-cylinder engine TFSI two liters and 310 HP. it Is difficult for this motor to get to extract that power close to or equal to 400 HP, so that it would not be a viable option.

All bets point to a change yes well not the engine, other than from the front. An increase of half a litre which would work miracles in the performance of the small coupe. Something that already happens currently in the Audi RS3 Sportback with five cylinder turbo 2.5-liter is able to reach the 367 HP.

Other rumors point to the entry into service of a technology that Audi takes a long time to develop: the turbo-electric. Previously only been seen in prototypes, like the Audi A6 TDI Concept, however this seems to be ready for use in production vehicles, and perhaps, just perhaps, the TT RS would be the first to use it.


The four exhaust pipes mean an improvement in the system of evacuation of gases

Soon we will, because while Audi continues to point to the fiera, the largest of the range TT, it has its official release date scheduled for the Geneva motor show next year. An event that will be held for 10 days, between the 3rd and 13th of march next year. There we will find that out.