Audi TT RS 2016, return to ring the 400-HP five-cylinder


The Audi TT RS will get to 400 HP block 2.5-liter five-cylinder

During the next few months we will know the new Audi TT RS and leaks about its features do not stop arise. One of the figures that more unknowns generated was up to, where would the increase of his power. Some time ago I saw the TT RS in our section of spy photos and we suspected that the compact sports car is set to reach 400 HP.

The five-cylinder in-line will reach the 420 HP of output

This figure resumes from other sources by specifying more technical details. 400-HP TT RS 2016 will be delivered by the well-known block five-cylinder on-line of Audi, the 2.5-liter Turbo that has been maintained in the Audi RS3, although in this last develops 367 HP. We praise this decision on the part of the signing of the four rings, which continues to hold firm in the face of the downsizing in this type of vehicle.

in Addition, there will be a version even more exclusive called Audi TT RS Performance that would come the following year with 420 HP squeezed of the same mechanics. The engine of the TT RS will send all the power to the all-wheel drive Quattro and, of course, will equip a automatic dual clutch, hallmarks of the range RS. There are No pretensions of offering a manual change.


The TT RS 2016 will come during the first half of 2016

In the initial version of 400 HP will end the 0 to 100 km/h in around four seconds and although series your maximum speed will be limited to 250 km/h, may be increased up to the 280 km/h as part of the extra equipment.

His appearance will be even more aggressive than the Audi TTS, larger air intakes in the bumper, brake discs of larger diameter, rear diffuser and dual out exhaust oval among other details. In its interior we will get more exclusive with specific details and sport seats that will provide a superior grip to our body when we become playful.