Audi TT RS 2016: the 4 keys of an Audi R8 in miniature, with 5 cylinders and 400 CV of power

how far can an Audi TT? The answer is in front of our eyes. Audi has just unveiled the new Audi TT RS 2016, the version more sports, more beast, more rapid and more spectacular than its coupe reference, the Audi TT. And their figures are as spectacular as its looks: to 400 horsepower, turbo engine five-cylinder, all-wheel drive quattro, a tune-up, very aggressive and a 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds, which makes the Audi TT more ambitious that we have ever known (see history of the Audi TT). A sport that, ultimately, is about each time a lot more the supercar of the four rings, the Audi R8.

1. Design of the new Audi TT RS.

The Audi TT RS has gained an aesthetic, a very sporty and bold, with details that remind us of, and much to its big brother the Audi R8.

I Already said that the new Audi TT RS, which will be available with body Coupe (the one you see in these images), and a Roadster, to become the version most sporting of the range Audi TT. And as all sports must not only be, but also seem good, this new Audi TT RS offers this impression of the Audi TT with steroids, with a lot of muscle, a huge front grille in grey floor with the emblem quattro, air inlets generous in the fenders, a large rear diffuser with a tail fairing exhaust oval on each side, a spoiler, fixed, etc., etc. See video of the Audi TT RS 2016.

Given that this Audi TT RS will play its role, not only being the version most sport, but also the more aspirational of the range Audi TT, Audi wanted, brand new in him certain technologies that with time, we see in other models, including some rear headlights with OLED technology.


2. Sports inside and out

The steering wheel used in the Audi TT RS is the same as the Audi R8, and includes a start button and a mode selector built into the hoop.

The next generation of the Audi TT has marked a before and an after for the interiors of Audi. The Audi TT was the first of the house in brand new instrumentation is completely digital, an idea that would end up inexorably with the presence of a central screen for the entertainment system, and that in some way contributes to that, the dashboard looks uncluttered, and sports.

In this Audi TT RS not only we find a few seats sports skin, with facings of leather and Alcantara with the red stitching visible, and aluminum inserts everywhere, but also with the wheel of its big brother, the steering wheel of the Audi R8. A steering wheel which includes, among other things, a start button, inspired by the competition, and the selector driving modes drive select, mode jackknife on a satellite in solidarity behind the wheel.


3. Some incredible performance for the Audi TT RS: the five-cylinder engine and 400 HP

Audi remains loyal to the recipe of the five-cylinder, that in this new Audi TT RS will be more powerful than ever, with 400 HP.

I Already said that the Audi TT RS is a step forward more to reduce the distances between the Audi TT and the Audi R8. And is that with four seats, and five-cylinder, the new Audi TT RS 2016 already has almost as much power as he had the first Audi R8, with eight-cylinder motor, launched ten years ago. Audi continues to rely on the thrust of the engines five-cylinder engine with a new block of aluminium, which thanks to the turbo reaches 400 CV of power and a maximum torque of 480 Nm between 1,700 and 5.850 rpm.

we Talk about a block from 2,480 cm3 solidarity to an automatic change S tronic 7 speeds and, as has become tradition in the sport of Ingolstadt, four-wheel drive. This new aluminum block delivers 60 HP more and weighs 26 kg less.

audi-tt-rs-2016-05Stay with these figures. The Audi TT RS accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds in its Coupe version and in 3.9 seconds on its version Roadster. Its top speed, electronically limited, is 250 km/h, although if the customer requests it can get away with it from the factory with the limiter at 280 km/h.


4. A overhaul most radical for the Audi TT RS

Audi ensures that we are in the iteration more sophisticated drive system quattro, which is in charge of distributing the traction between the axles depending on driving conditions, making sure that the cast is adequate at all times. In any case, the Audi TT RS will come with a stability control switchable, with a specific function to allow ourselves to drift, and even assist us in any way in the drifting.

Audi speaks of a tune-up, very radical, of a system of suspension adaptive Audi magnetic ride which have been lowered by 10 millimetres with respect to any other Audi TT. Series, the new Audi TT RS will have 19″ wheel and tires with measures 245/35, although optionally, may be acquired with 20″ and tires 255/30

series will also feature sport brakes steel, which optionally may be replaced by carbocerámicos.


The launch of the new Audi TT RS in Europe will occur in the fall, to the end of the year, with prices in Germany will start on the 66.400€ for the Coupe and the 69.200€ for the Roadster. Prices in Spain will know expected in the coming months.

Source: Audi
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