Audi TTQ Roadster, what I’d like the Range Rover Evoque Convertible had a rival?

Spy-Shots of CarsLand Rover has unveiled finally the Range Rover Evoque Convertible this week and the whirlwind that has been generated continues with force. And is that the thing is not for less. In addition to that we are before the first SUV premium convertible market, the product that the brand has presenter really has convinced us. Now, what would happen if the rest of the companies began to perk up? With this fever todocamino, nothing any longer surprises us. Attentive to the render today I bring to you in which the protagonist is a hypothetical Audi TTQ Roadster, without a doubt a good rival to the Evoque Convertible.

The signature of the hoops flirted with an off road version of its TT a few months ago in concept form. Also, it was even more time spoke of the actual intentions of the Volkswagen Group to offer you other alternatives in the range of sports. They passed by a TT with five doors, named how not Sportback, or for a version with more adventurism. The latter would be the Audi TTQ Roadster, an SUV inspired by the TT with the sky as a roof.

range-rover-evoque-cabriolet (12)But, if there are no surprises, this is not going to happen. There is to be a lynx to realize that the German group does not go through their best moments and the arrival of a model that is not strictly necessary is not among its plans in the short or medium term. The Audi TTQ Roadster would be a version that would have a very limited audience, in the same way that occurs with the Evoque Convertible, and just serve to give a brand image. And is that the family Q you do not need an alternative of similar characteristics for the moment.

Although, despite the fact that mathematics does not leave us with a favorable outcome for this variant convertible TT’s are to become reality, it would be an interesting battle. Although, virtually all your body would remind the Audi TT that we see now but, of course, would have three notable differences, to mount accessories off-road as protections in the low, the increased height with respect to the ground, and most importantly, a retractable canvas roof, which turned him into a cabrio.

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