Audi unveils its new-technology shock absorbers regenarativos


Audi speaks to us of their shock absorbers, regenerative

Audi is working intensively to to maximize the use of the electrical power inside their cars for a final benefit on the consumer. For a long time, the signing of the four rings speaks to us of turbos electric drive and complex electrical systems of 48 volt with an extra battery installed under the boot as do the new Audi Q7 and the Bentley Bentayga. Well, today the manufacturer offers us a new way of acquire free energy while driving our vehicle.

are Usually used to talk about systems of regenerative braking that takes advantage of the energy that occurs while the vehicle is losing speed, however today he reveals a step further. Audi unveils a new system shock absorbers regenerative that are able to acquire energy with the movement of these. Shocks in one part of the vehicle in constant motion for what the germans have wanted to use them to acquire power with which to recharge your batteries.


The Audi SQ7 has the electrical system 48 volt

shock Absorbers rotary that take advantage of the kinetic energy

it should Be noted that these shock absorbers are different to those that we are accustomed to seeing. Instead of having a telescopic arm that generates heat energy with each speed hump, ledge, or other irregularities for the road, we find shock absorbers rotary that absorb the vaivines of the rear wheels to transmit the kinetic energy to an electric motor, a converter of motion energy and an alternator that is responsible for storing the energy produced within the battery of 48 volts.

Without specifying the tests to which they have been subjected to these systems, Audi speaks of that this technology is capable of recover up to 613 watts with an average of between 100 and 150 watts which should translate into a saving fuel significant. This new system of shock absorbers leads to other advantages such as greater capacity adjustment and a more compact size that the conventional which allows you to have more space for the trunk, fuel tank, or other systems.

The new electrical system 48-volt is currently used in vehicles exclusive of the German group, in particular the new Audi SQ7 and proclaimed SUV world’s most expensive Bentley Bentayga.

But this will not be here, since it gradually as Audi wants to introduce this electric power system in a large part of their models starting from the top as is the case with the turbos of the electric drive. We are clear that the long-awaited SUV-looking coupe electrified, the Audi Q6 will be one of the next models to equip this technology. The manufacturer leaves the door open to the use of this system shock absorbers regenerative capacity in models of production.