Audi unveils the headlights OLED of the TT RS at CES 2016


So you can see the headlights OLED of the Audi TT RS

The battle of the lighting does not end but begin. Audi unveils the exclusive the tail of your new Audi TT RS equipped with rear-mounted OLED technology. The new high performance sports the four rings is shyly showing its rear part teaching that will be one of your most important characteristics to technological level.

The OLED technology comes to the Audi TT RS

Until now, the battle is always gaining BMW for being the fastest but Audi has always followed very closely: first with the headlights of laser technology of the BMW i8 and Audi R8 LMX, and now with the headlights later of OLED technology in the BMW M4 GTS, and the Audi TT RS. It should be noted that no other manufacturer has entry in this game so that the rest do not possess these technologies in their production vehicles, even on its highest range.

technology OLED designs more spectacular in addition to his lighting is higher quality, more uniform, more useful life and has a energy consumption lower.

is Not clear to us if it is the optical range for the Audi TT more powerful or on the contrary will form part of a exclusive optional package for the sporty. In the case of the versions exclusive Audi R8 LMX and BMW GTS your optics special series, but for the BMW i8 headlamps laser are a extra paid to party (+11.500 euros).

The Audi TT RS will equip the known propellant gas five-cylinder 2.5-liter that will be squeezed until the 400 HP, enough to make him run from 0 to 100 km/h in a few four seconds and continue accelerating up to 250 km/h maximum series or 280 km/h if we do it with an extra that elevates the rate-limiting electronics. It’s rumored that the Audi TT RS what we will see in the next Geneva motor show in march.