Audi wants its cars to communicate with traffic lights of the cities

Audi - sistema V2I

Audi wants its cars to communicate with traffic signals of the city.

Is a technology that we had already heard a long time ago, and finally Audi has revealed the production system in the united States and that very soon it will be available to a select group of models of the brand. Under the name “V2I“, we find ourselves with a technology that comes to allow the cars of Audi to “communicate” with the signal lights of traffic. Traffic lights to be more specific.

But, what is the function of this new technology from Audi? Because the truth is that something simple, practical as the car “communicates” with the traffic lights and you will be informed on the display of the box instrumentation (or in the Head-Up Display if it is available) when the traffic light changes color. This way, you will not need to look at the set of lights directly to know that is already green or you just get red.

As we say, is a technology that, while at first glance it might seem very simple, it is very practical because in some cases, when we stop near a traffic light or depending on where it is installed, it becomes very difficult to see. And that is that there are few times that we found ourselves in the situation of having to warn the vehicle ahead that the traffic light is green because you can’t see it.

Audi - sistema V2I

With this system the driver will know if the traffic light has changed color without the need of looking at him directly.

For its development Audi has collaborated with Traffic Technology Services (TTS), and, for the moment, will be available in a small selection of models. The connection between the Audi and the service information of the traffic signals and other is made by connection LTE (4G).

¿When will it be available this new information system? This function is very useful for driving will be available in the united States in the Audi Q7, Audi A4 and Audi A4 Allroad built from the past June 1, 2016. As well we said previously, this is a feature that will be part of the connected services as “PRIME” by Audi and, of course, may be used in those cities that are included in the network of cities of smart the north american country.

¿Will come to Europe this technology? time Audi has not said anything about it although we may take it for granted that sooner or later we will see a function equal to or similar to this that has already been launched in the united States.

In this video we see the new traffic information system in action. A technology that is very practical.