Audi will present its headlights Matrix OLED in the Frankfurt


The Matrix OLED lights is close to reaching production and Audi presented a prototype equipped with the technology within the next Frankfurt Motor Show .


Audi-Matrix-OLED A Audi continues to advance its technological innovations and for the next Frankfurt Motor Show to be held in September, announced the presentation of its most Modern lighting technology called Matrix OLED , based on organic light emitting diodes light.

The Matrix OLED is the future Audi lighting system.

This is an evolution of LED lights that used in many of its current models, even more advanced than the system Matrix LED released by the end of 2013. Each a diode OLED has two electrodes made up of several thin layers of materials that can conduct electricity. When the low voltage current through these layers, they are activated and light up can vary their coloration . The resulting light of this system is more homogeneous, defined that emitted by a conventional LED system, are also cooler and more lightweight operation.

Due to its characteristics, OLED lights do not require any type of reflector , as its flat light is homogeneous and casts no shadows. The absence of proper optical components of conventional system, allows the OLED is lighter and can acquire formats hitherto impossible.

This new technology is currently in development for use in taillights . Nothing will be displayed on a prototype that will be showcased at Frankfurt . At a later stage, when the OLED lights will be able to generate a more intense light can be used in brake lights and direction.





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