Audi will present the new E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo tomorrow


Silhouette of the new Audi Vision Gran Turismo.

Morning, April 9, Audi Sport will reveal the new model that the brand has been designed for the program Vision Gran Turismo, in which the marks have sports (generally virtual) which have as a purpose to inhabit the virtual universe of the video game of PlayStation.

For this reason, the division of sport of the firm from Ingolstadt has unveiled a first teaser of the model, in the form of a video shows us a touching scene of children interacting with some of the designers and makers of Audi and the franchise Gran Turismo, but that is really not showing great thing about the vehicle in if.

about a month Ago it, the official page of Facebook of the video game was responsible for announce the next presentation of the model, showing only a dark silhouette, similar to the top image of this article.


Excerpt from the video.

In the recent teaser video, Audi shows us new silhouettes of the model, in the form of a quick sketch that turn out to be very similar to the silhouette that we already know, but also small fragments of the model, as the view from the inside, and the optics in the rear.

From the view of the cockpit you can enjoy some big gills on the front wheel, by way of air vents, and in the few views of the outside. you can see the optical LED rear, with a curious graph of large size, in addition to the emblem of Audi, also illuminated in red.

What we hope is a kind of model of competition equipped with some of the design features the brand’s traditional. At the technical level, we just know that you will have a mechanical outline electrified, due to the existence of the label e-tron, but we know little more at this point. One of the assumptions is that it will be a model of central engine, tenor for its silhouette, but it is only a conjecture, especially considering that it is electric and you can count with the engines on the same axes.