Augmented reality comes to the Porsche 911 RSR in the WEC


The season 2017 WEC is loaded with new features, though
perhaps one of the most notable is the arrival of the new Porsche 911 RSR. A
vehicle that has broken with the essence of the German manufacturer for its configuration
with central engine, a necessary step to be competitive. All in all, the
new 911 racing has a good number of interesting details, such as the central monitor with augmented reality technology that makes the times of
by replacing the actual image for a virtual. This system
originally developed by Bosch and Pratt & Miller has been integrated in the new GT

During the 24 Hours of Daytona, you could see the new
Porsche 911 RSR formed part of a central display that did the times of
rear-view mirror, something that in and of itself is not novel as other vehicles such as the
Corvette C7.R mounted a similar system. However, the great difference of the
system used by Porsche to Chevrolet is that the actual image was replaced by a
with a series of indications and charts, the pilot can
to interpret the traffic that is behind, depending on whether they are treated
vehicles of its category or prototypes with greater speed.

With this technology, the pilot has located in all
time the car that has around
without the need of seeing the actual image. With
the interpretation of a series of enlarged icons, can not only distinguish
if it is a direct rival or a car of another category, but that display
in a virtual way where you are going to be advance. In addition, avoiding the uncomfortable
that are in resistance, where it is common to make long
a batch of the night, at dawn or dusk and to compete in the rain. In Porsche
have it clear, it is better to interpret what happens that seeing it with your
own eyes