Augusto Farfus, a BMW M4 DTM and the 'Hell Verde'


Shell is one of the brands of lubricants is more powerful than there are and its presence in the world of motorsport is massive. His association with the Scuderia Ferrari in the Formula 1 World championship is without doubt your project with the greatest impact, but Shell has a presence in a large number of championships. Among them figure the DTM, the whole time Shell is a partner of BMW Motorsport and decorate with your colors and logos to one of the BMW M4 DTM competing in the contest and that in the season 2016, has been piloted by the veteran brazilian driver Augusto Farfus.

the Result of this association, and of the great activity that Shell has at the level of promotional events today we can enjoy one of those videos that require ‘lose’ a few minutes of life with the volume of the speakers higher of the account. However, it is not normal to see a BMW M4 DTM rolling on the variant Nordschleife of the N├╝rburgring and less when Augusto Farfus dares to sucar ‘Hell Verde’ with your usual BMW M4 DTM to a pace more typical of a day of test or competition that day playful. All a roller coaster.

As evidenced by the fact of seeing as the BMW M4 DTM hits the limiter in several sections of the circuit along the return. Although Augusto Farfus starts quite calm and even have time to explain to your co-pilot some of the key circuit and the car, soon gets on the site to find the limits of the BMW M4 DTM on this track, but the brazilian himself who lifts the foot in the section in which the accident occurred of Jann Mardenborough. All in all, does not cease to be a spectacle worthy of admiration.