Australia does not want the mode drift of the Ford Focus RS

Ford-Focus-RSThe release of Ford Focus RS has been one of the most anticipated in recent times. The radical version of the compact american looked eager, and was not disappointed. Your power, your effectiveness, your design… Everything in the Focus RS seems to appeal to a public that has been delivered. And is that, in addition to being rapid and radical, it’s innovative, mounting between other systems Drift Mode that we do get out of our car as if there were no tomorrow. A function that is now put into question, when from Australia it is requested to remove this system from the model.

apparently, various groups of australians working to promote safety in the traffic would have risen to ask the company to remove this system its compact sports. They claim that it is a function that may become a hazard under inexpert hands. If well, the same ask that this mode is not available on the Ford Focus RS, or at least can be limited in their circuits. Trying with that in mind, this system can’t be activated on the road or in situations that compromise the safety of both the driver as well as the rest.

ford-focus-rs-2015-2And they do not lack reason. In recent years we have seen a complete evolution in the compact sports. The same that few years ago were astonished to drivers with less than 200 HP, now pass the barrier of 300 HP. Even so, it is also true that the rise of power has gone to the same level of security and technology, finding complete monsters of the road can become docile pets thanks to the number of systems that occupy your gut.

To this day Ford has not replied to this petition from australian soil. And if you do so, the company would not be obliged to remove this feature of your model.

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