Australia – January 2017: Three models of Mazda at the Top 10


The good performance of the Mazda CX-3 allows you to mark Korean get muscle in January

registrations of new cars in Australia have reached the 84.910 units in January. A result that secures a shy rise of 0.6% in comparison with the same month of the previous year, but positive in the end. The ranking has left us some interesting facts.

is Already a tradition: each January, the Mazda3 is the sales leader and the compact Hiroshima has done it again in 2017, for the sixth consecutive year. With the Mazda CX-5 seventh and Mazda CX-3 tenth, is given to the fact that the japanese brand has managed to get to three models in the Top 10, something that has not occurred since April of 2016.

Toyota Corolla agency the second place in the ranking, thus surpassing the best-selling model in 2016 in the australian market which is no other than the Toyota Hilux. The pickup and japan has maintained its hegemony in the segment, with an advantage very low compared to the Ford Ranger, which has been fourth in the ranking aussie.


Kia dazzles, with the Cerato model as more prominent

it is Worth highlighting the excellent performance of the Holden Commodore, sixth, it manages to improve its sales extraordinary 58% in comparison with January of 2016 because that is offering big discounts to make room for the future new generation. In addition, two models have achieved their positions of record in Australia. It is the case of the Nissan X-Trail that shines to achieve a superb eighth square, and the Kia Cerato comes to an unheard-of 13th place.

In the ranking of brands, Toyota remains at the top followed by Mazda. For his part, Holden has exceeded Hyundai to get on the podium. To highlight Kia, which improves their sales a fabulous 29% to reach the eighth square, its best historical position in this market.

Sales model

The most popular cars on the australian market are:

Ranking Model Sales jan’17
1 Mazda3 3.473
2 Toyota Corolla 2.943
3 Toyota Hilux 2.702
4 Ford Ranger 2.622
5 Hyundai i30 2.018
6 Holden Commodore 1.960
7 Mazda CX-5 1.924
8 Nissan X-Trail 1.759
9 Hyundai Tucson 1.678
10 Mazda CX-3 1.486
11 Holden Colorado 1.458
12 Toyota RAV4 1.394
13 Kia Cerato 1.372
14 Volkswagen Golf 1.253
15 Holden Captiva 1.251

Sales by brand

The brands with the most sales in Australia are:

Ranking Brand Sales jan’17
1 Toyota 12.554
2 Mazda 10.067
3 Holden 7.184
4 Hyundai 6.705
5 Ford 5.912
6 Mitsubishi 5.075
7 Nissan 5.012
8 Kia 4.015
9 Subaru 4.009
10 Volkswagen 3.995
11 Honda 3.470
12 Mercedes 2.973
13 BMW 2.104
14 Audi 2.025
15 Suzuki 1.481