Australia paves the way for the advent of the autonomous car

One of the most interesting news this week – in addition Dieselgate, which has occupied our front page for days – is the autonomous legalization of cars in the state of South Australia , located in the country of identical name. Though only one of eight states which include Australia, is twice as large as Spain and has on its coast Adelaide, one of the main cities of our antipodes. And very soon be able to travel on its roads – and completely legally – autonomous cars


In early November will test your self Volvo cars in South Australia.

The Minister of Transport of the State – Stephen Mullighan – visited the facilities of Tesla Motors a few weeks ago and was impressed, especially with regard to advances in autonomous driving. The state of South Australia is no stranger to autonomous cars: in late 2015 a piece of the Southern Expressway, which several manufacturers can test without traffic its autonomous technology will close . Soon be able to do so freely, living with other Australian drivers.

volvo-coche-conectado-ciclistas-06-1440px This strategy has a clear objective, make the state a global player in the importance of self-introduction car. The tests will be held in November this year coincide with a congress of autonomous vehicles, ensuring a global impact. The state of South Australia is one of the places most associated with the automotive industry across the continent. No wonder, in the city of Churches, are the plants both Ford Motor Company and Holden . But both plants closed in 2017.

Australia lost identity of his car but could be replaced by a major center of innovation in regard to autonomous cars. It is expected that after the legalization of autonomous car in South Australia, other states could follow the same path . It is estimated that the autonomous car industry could be worth 90,000 million in 2030. Mullighan is convinced that this revolution – taking into account the security -. Will be very positive for Australia

accidente-coche-autonomo-google-1440px The opposition, however, described this sudden devotion to the autonomous car as a smoke bomb before the closing of Holden and Ford factories in the area.

Source: TLSA
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