Australia will move before to welcome the autonomous cars


The tectonic plate australia
moves about 7 cm towards the north each year, although this may seem little, it is
very fast compared to the rest of the tectonic plates that are moved to a
average speed of 2.5 cm per year. This movement accumulated over the
years, has led to a remarkable discrepancy
between the local coordinates on the maps and GPS navigators
the satellites to determine position, this difference represents an error of 1.5
meters in the GPS australians.

it May seem little but it is an important problem for all systems
using GPS in Australia, either a phone or a vehicle. The boom in autonomous cars has made it necessary to take measures because without a precise coordinates of these may not work.


Some farmers australians are already using tractors driving autonomous on an experimental basis and if the actual situation does not match with the coordinates coming from the GPS system can have many problems like that one of these tractors you finish sowing a shed.

For this reason, local coordinates across the country are going to move 1.8 meters to the north. This process will begin in 2017 and it is expected that by 2020, due to the movement of the plates, and the coordinates of digital and analog in the country will coincide for the first time since 1994. This adaptation will coincide with the year in which many companies, such as BMW, Google and Apple, have scheduled the release of its autonomous cars the market.