Australian police receives a Lexus RC F

Lexus RC F para la policía de Australia

The australian police get a brand-new Lexus RC F.

Except what happens in the so-called as “petroestados”, in the west, the police use of vehicles or high-end luxury it is not usual. Such and is thus that the few units of this nature that have some of the law-enforcement bodies of the different countries in the west allocated to other issues, well other than the patrolling daily or the persecution of malechores.

A clear example of what I mean by that is what has happened in Australia recently. And I speak of this Lexus RC F adds to the body of police australian. The signature premium japanese has decided to give the Region New South Wales with this sporty coupe thanks to an agreement signed with Lexus Australia. A car of high range and benefits, that, as we say, will not be intended to combat crime in the region.

In particular, this Lexus RC F will be destined to play a leading role in road safety campaigns. A different way to promote safety on the roads. In addition, and as we said earlier, it is not something new, since on numerous occasions, generally use this type of models which capture the interest of drivers to promote different types of campaigns on road safety.

Lexus RC F para la policía de Australia

This Lexus RC F will not be aimed to fight against crime.

On an aesthetic level, it jumps to the view that this unit of the RC F that Lexus Australia has given to the police of his country, is adorned with a whole series of aesthetic details exterior with the that make it clear that we are in a police vehicle. In addition, the dashboard has been installed a blue light distinctive of this type of vehicle.

on the other hand and as a reminder, we will say that this Lexus RC F police makes use of a V8 engine of 5.0 liters kw, which yields a power of 477 HP and 530 Nm. Associated with a gearbox eight-speed automatic enables this supercar japanese be catapulted from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 270 km/h. There is no type of mechanical change in this model.

And by the way, is not the first time that the australian police receives a performance car. This Lexus RC F joins the Audi RS4 Avant that the police in Australia joined their ranks late last year 2015. A vehicle with a V8 engine of 450 HP with that “attract young people” and to increase the interest of youth by the security forces in australian state.

Lexus RC F para la policía de Australia

The Lexus RC F will be used in campaigns to promote safety on the roads.