Auto GP: Facu Regalia wins at the Hungaroring


In his first race in the category Auto GP Argentina Facu Regalia won the victory at the legendary circuit Hungaroring. The victory is almost a relief for the talented driver who almost had one years of inactivity .


Facu-Regalia-2 F I turn Regalia must have breathed relieved after the victory obtained in Hungary , which was his first race in the category Auto GP. Is that the Argentine came almost a year of inactivity and his pass to Auto GP came after his entry into the World Series by Renault is frustrated.

The race category accompanying the WTCC I began with the safety car since before the bad weather visibility was very low. Facundo took off in the first rank , having achieved second place in the standings and quickly the first Antonio Pizzonia Regalia and managed to break away from the rest of the pack.

In his first race in Auto GP, regalia won the victory.

But Facundo found it difficult to overcome the Brazilian Pizzonia, especially at thick trail of water leaving in its wake.

However Regalia managed to achieve mark lap achieved with time 2: 02 239 already in the tenth lap, which left him near the Brazilian.

Already in the penultimate lap, Regalia was the only pilots in order to achieve a time under two minutes . Facundo never failed to put pressure on the Brazilian, until the last turn Pizzonia looking more to the mirrors forward was passed under braking , which allowed Regalia get over it and carried him across the finish line in first position.

The second race of this date will take place tomorrow, with the inverted grid for the first eight positions, take Facundo largar from the eighth.

The Argentine pilot stated excited for having managed to climb the top step of the podium, a place not occupied for two seasons Cundo won in the circuit Nürburgring when he ran for category GP3.






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