Autobello Madrid 2016: a distinction and exclusive beyond the four wheels

Autobello Madrid 2016 - BMW M6 went to the Autobello Madrid 2016 with this BMW M6. A “mount” that focused a lot of attention.

on The 30th of June, took place one of the most important national occasions for lovers of the automobile world, fashion and anything gourmet that fly over for either of these two sectors. Autobello Madrid 2016, an event that brings together the most exclusive inside and outside of the automotive world. All this under the concept that the organizers of the event have wanted to baptize as “Good Taste“.

In we didn’t want to miss the chance to attend this event, as we say, has established itself as one of the most important in Spain.

And so it was, we were there. Although our followers on Facebook were able to enjoy a live in the that you have since there all the developments that were present, in this article we are going to tell our experience of an event that, without a doubt, any lover of the automotive world to go to, although it was a one-time.

In this case, went to the Autobello Madrid 2016 with a “frame” which caught the attention of many of the attendees and, in special, of the lovers of the models of BMW ///M. In particular, and as you can see in the photo above, we had the great privilege of going to this event at the wheel of a BMW M6.

Exclusivity and luxury, are two of the “odors” that more is breathed in the atmosphere of the Autobello Madrid 2016. And is there an appointment was made for models very exclusive. And not only current, since they were able to see authentic jewels on wheels pampered to the extreme, look like they are fresh from the dealers. Models like the Lamborghini Sesto Element (very difficult to see) were there.

Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Lamborghini, are some of the brands that showed their more exclusive models (both current and classic) to the delight of all present there. However, there was room for alternatives as unique and “bizarre” as military vehicles. So, you could see a few to the surprise of participants and attendees of the Autobello Madrid 2016.

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in Addition to all this, there was also space for the world on two wheels. And is that brands like BMW Motorrad took advantage of this event to present in society the spectacular BMW R NineT. And it is not very common, but we can say that this event has managed to unite the lovers of both two and four wheels in a single place.

there were Also several groomed areas in which to be able to
admire some of the prototypes and
vehicles racing’s most iconic
in the sector. And along with it, some
special editions mark the home of the most exclusive brands in the sector
the car.

we should Also remember that in the event are valued, and qualify both cars of collection as the
watches of the attendees
. On the basis of different categories and “pedigree”.
In addition, among other participants, they are given the top prizes: Cup
of Gold-King of Spain, both the best car and watch the edit.

Enjoy this video summary of the Autobello Madrid 2016.

above you can see a full video summary of this event, as we say, year-over-year consolidated its position as one of the main events for the lovers of the automotive world and also, of watches, and fashion in general. An event that was attended by more than 1,500 participants and about 500 vehicles of all types. We hope you like it.