Automatic 6-speed for Peugeot and Citroën south america

The PSA Group will replace the former automatic transmissions are four gears of their compact models, by a new change of six speeds. This is the transmission used in the C4 Lounge, and the first of the models it will be the Citroën Aircross.

Citroen-Aircross-2016-1Andl change of four gears that is currently used by many of the models of PSA Group in South america, little by little you will begin to be replaced by a more modern change of six relations. This is called a Comfort Auto6, an automatic change of six marches developed in collaboration with the japanese company AISIN AW.

The transmission is called AT6 III and is currently used in the Citroen C4 Lounge is produced in Argentina as well as in the DS 4 and DS 5. Its design allows for a greater smoothness between gears and thanks to a new torque converter, achieves improvements in favor of higher fuel economy.

This novelty will debut in the Citroën Aircross during the second half of this year, and little by little you’ll find your way in the range of compact models of the group in the region. The changing of the six gears will be offered in the Aircross initially only along the engine 1.6 liter 115 HP.