Automobile: Another name historical that Alfa Romeo could recover in 2017

The flagship Alfa Romeo will arrive in the year 2017 and may be able to recover the historic designation Automobile. It will be a sedan segment E, which will compete directly against the BMW 5 Series.

Alfa-Romeo-AlfettaLfter the official presentation of the Giulia version Quadrifoglio Verde, which recovered an historic name which was not used for almost 40 years, Alfa Romeo could surprise with the return of the Automobile, that would put a name to the sedan of large dimensions that would come to compete against the BMW 5 Series.

In the five-year plan drawn up by Sergio Marchionne, there are 8 new models that the brand will be launching over the next few years. One of them will be a sedan Segment E, that would come to the market towards the year 2017 and that like the rest of the new family of models of the brand, will be offered only with rear-wheel drive.

In accordance with the information off the record, new Alfa Romeo Automobile will have many elements in common with the Maserati Ghibli and Quattroporte, something that takes a certain validity if it contrasts against the spy pictures of some prototypes with a bodywork of Maserati have been hunted rolling roads of italy. Level mechanical and technological yet are all unknowns, but it is possible that their engine plants and transmissions are related to those of new Giulia.

This is a car that has been much-awaited, as it could be which mark the breakthrough of the Italian house within the segment premium now dominate the germans. To know him we will have to wait to his debut in the year 2017, almost at the same time that the new generation of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

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