Automotive inspiration 10 Instagram accounts you need to take

Instagram may be a cult of narcissism in the form of application, but is also a place full of wonderful pictures, if you know who to follow . It is a pleasure to open the app and found dozens of high quality photos of cars, motorcycles and landscapes, rather than selfies of people who even know. To simplificaros life, we recommend 10 counts of Instagram that you should follow – if you do not – if you like cars and motorsport in general . And you’ll thank us later.

1) Larry Chen (

Larry Chen Speedhunters is the chief editor and a photographer with a great talent. In his Instagram combines photos taken with professional cameras and photos taken with smartphone. Find many photos of drifting competitions, many photos of preparations senior and photos of some classics. But you’ll never find is a photo with a bad frame or a picture that makes you doubt why he started to follow.

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Making clouds #FormulaD #FDATL #FormulaDrift #MaximumAttack #Samsung # GalaxyNote4 #SirPlease #Speedhunters

A photo published by Larry Chen (larry_chen_foto) on 8 May 2015 to the (s) 4:16 PDT

2) G.F. Williams (

Yes, Instagram is an application in which the photos should always be taken with a phone – or so say the purists. But in terms of what is arguably is Hire the best photographer in the world , we can make an exception. What awaits you is a high picture quality, tens, hundreds of cars – especially sports and supercars – portrayed an intimate and unique way. 100% recommended.

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Nice parkingpowerslidelover 😝

A photo published by GFWilliams (gfwilliams) on 23 Mar 2015 at the (s) 5:21 PDT

3) Timo (

Do you like the classics? And more specifically, the BMW classics? Then you do not have to go further. Timo is a German student whose passion is BMW classic . I do not know where did you get the money, but the owner of a 528i E28 a Alpina C1 2 .3 (based on the 3 Series E21 ) and two BMW Series 7 E23 a 730i and 750i, family origin. His pictures are only made with iPhone and exude a warm and classic aroma.

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It’s just a reflection #bmwclassic

A photo published by Timo (sportfahrer) on June 7, 2015 to the (s) 12:27 PDT

4) Eddie Guerra (

If you like American cars and decaying environments , you just found your new favorite account. Based in Austin (Texas), the Instagram Eddie Guerra is composed almost exclusively of images taken with an iPhone, of classic cars that ply the streets of the American South. Yes, there are occasional pictures of food or characteristic places Texans, who do nothing but increase the authentic feeling of their own.

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🎧 Tensnake_58 BPM //// #tunestogram #atx #goldenhour #vsco #austintx #classicwhips

A photo published by Eddie Guerra (holyshitaki) on 18 Aug 2015 at the (s) 6:48 PDT

5) Huseyin Erturk (

Motor & Street Life. Los Angeles . Not much more I can say to present shocking images of this photographer whose origins are in the Middle East. Anyway, he lives in Los Angeles and gets his picture so not many get: personality. Your photos look worn, outdated delightfully , as if they were anchored in the 70s and 80s must if you like American classics.

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A photo published by Huseyin Erturk (huseyinerturk) on 30 July 2015 to the (s) 11:49 PDT

6) Chris Harris (

If you need us to tell you who is Chris Harris, I suggest you do not follow this account. As you know who Chris Harris, this account offers a little bit of this magnificent career of journalist engine. Here the cars that offers reviews on video in weeks, short video clips and experiences in competition appear. Most photos were taken by him with a smartphone.

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Wonder Who is more nervous – owner or blagger? @ Kblock43thehoonigans

A photo published by Chris Harris (harrismonkey) on Aug 5, 2015 to the (s) 1:52 PDT

7) Dennis Noten (

Hunting noses. This is the title of the bill. This young Belgian photographer motor is engaged portray the nose of the car located in the streets. Although its portfolio is impressive, the grace of their own are the noses of dozens of cars. A curiosity that I found interesting to share with you.

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#Iamthenosehunter #alfaromeo #giulia #carporn #carinstagram #vscocam #vscocar #iamthespeedhunter

A photo published by Dennis Noten (dennisnoten) on 30 Aug 2015 at the (s) 10:23 PDT

8) Greg Little (

Greg Little lives in the town of Asheville, North Carolina. If you like the rural atmosphere of the United States and the classics, you’ll like yourself. But do not expect to find classic glamor and glittering. You will find many abandoned cars, classic details that are still used daily and few photos of complete cars. It is these details that make the car full imagine that give personality to your account.

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Corvair Corner 💦

A photo published by Greg Little (greglil) on 15 Mar 2015 at the (s) 9:30 PDT

9) Petrolicious (

The motto of this web engine to which I deeply admire is “ Drive Tastefully “. Leads classy, ​​translated into Castilian. It is definitely a motto that applies to your Instagram feed, where preciosistas photos of the cars which they bring in their audiovisual productions appear. Should also occasionally do a search on the hashtag #drivetastefully. It may surprise you, very much.

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It’s time for a date with La Mamma, a special Maserati A6GCS That Belonged to eleven Chaparral Jim Hall of Fame. More at • Photo bymeuandtheworld • #drive tastefully

A photo published by Petrolicious (petroliciousco) on Aug 5, 2015 to the (s) 7:57 PDT

10) Jonathan Griffith (

Surf, rock and roll, tattoos, motorbikes and American cars. It is a good summary of this feed photographer based in California, which makes we dream of buying a one way ticket to move to the California coast . If you like your Instagram – and the same applies to many of these accounts – do not forget to check their portfolios with a simple search on Google


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rellykussell and his long legged girl. #biltwell #chopcult #ironandair #harleydavidson #rollyourown #vscocam

A photo published by Jonathan Griffith (jonathangriffith) on 14 July 2015 to the (s) 12:25 PDT

10 + 1) Part of the team motor

Finally, we . Do not think of this as an attempt to autopromocionar our bills, because you would be wrong. We just want to offer a more personal look at the work and the people behind motor. As you can expect, our accounts focus on cars, but also you’ll find food, travel, landscapes … in short, that we are people like you, in the flesh. We are not all that we are, we have only accounts somewhere between the personal and the professional.

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A photo published by David Villarreal (davidvillarreal) on 22 Aug 2015 at the (s) 12:21 PDT

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BMW 420d Gran Coupe #drivetastefully #testdrive #asturias #wonderland

A photo published by Sergio Alvarez (@ sergioalvarez88) on 27 July 2015 to the (s) 1:59 PDT

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sports during these last days of August … But Much missed sit behind the wheel ☺️☺️ #mazdamiata # # Mazda MX5 #eunos mazdamx5 #miata # #nardi #stance #stancenation #cars #coches #classic

A photo published by Mario Herraiz (herraizm) Sep 1, 2015 to the (s) 4:43 PDT

This is a small selection of accounts staff, very subjective. What accounts follow you please share with us?

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