Autonomous cars a good alternative for companies

Coche autónomo PSA

autonomous cars are prefigured as the future of the automotive industry and therefore we will have to adapt whether we want to or not. However, their arrival can be more beneficial for the companies of what they had initially thought because it will help your annual invoice in transportation is reduced significantly. On an annual basis the companies stick together and an important part of the sales record the brands of cars and therefore become a major player.

If we take into account that companies at the end of the year acquire a large number of cars and that these accidents, bumps, and spend on fuel a part of the budget of the company autonomous cars can help this bill to be lower. The reason is that their technology prevent (will have to see in what degree) who suffer accidents and also will allow to save on fuel is always circulating in the itinerary that is more environmentally friendly in terms of spending.

El coche autónomo de PSA Peugeot Citroën: de Vigo a Madrid sin intervención del conductor

According to a study by the Observatory of the Company Vehicle (CVO) companies and employees they see with good eyes to invest in the car technology autonomous. In this way the investment made by the company is regarded as more cost-effective to help accidents of the cars and workers is diminished and the maintenance costs of the vehicle fleet of the company will be much less than with traditional cars.

This study shows that although driving autonomous is not yet profiled one hundred percent when this is so companies will be willing to assume a higher cost of acquisition in order to reduce later costs. The results obtained are of companies fleet of twelve countries different (among which is Spain) but they are very similar in terms of the reasons given by the companies to be more likely to incorporate this technology in their cars.

Source – Observatory of Company Vehicle (CVO)