Autonomous cars already have a classification in six levels

Coche autónomo Googleautonomous cars have come to stay in our lives, whether we like it or not. All the brands are widening the technology that can assemble your models, doing that can be autonomous for specific functions. Thanks to these technologies we have cars parked alone warn the driver if leaving the lane by the which will circulate or if you to occupy a lane we have some object in the dead angle.

All these technologies will allow in the future the driver to wash its hands of the driving but for now, thank God, is not possible. While this is happening, the Society of Engineers Automobile (SAE) has decided to make a classification of autonomous cars based on a set of technologies that can equip and maneuvers that allow you to perform the driver without your intervention.

Volvo XC90 autónomo UberThe classification has been performed in six levels in function of the autonomous ability of the vehicle and will be used to measure how advanced is the technology that equips these cars. We will see below, one by one, the levels that exist.

  • Level 0. The car has no that allow him to circulate autonomously.
  • Level 1. The vehicle incorporates the cruise control or maintenance system in the lane in which we move.
  • Level 2. At this level, the car can already be considered a semi-autonomous. In this case, the driving must be supervised at all times by the driver if there is any situation of danger and I had to take control of the situation. In this way, the driving systems self-employed can be deactivated at any time.
  • Level 3. In this situation, the vehicle may circulate completely autonomously in controlled environments. This would be the level at which would be the current Autopilot in the Tesla Model S. In this case, the system is switched off by default and would only come into operation if the driver activates it on a voluntary basis. In this case, the system must be controlled by the driver but allows a higher level of autonomy.
  • Level 4. At this level, the vehicle can be driven without driver intervention. The only limitation of this driving is that you can only carry out in places, perfectly delimited in which technology can depend on itself. This level of autonomy would be the one that would have the future taxis self-employed, or who will use the vehicles created between the manufacturer Volvo and Uber.
  • Level 5. The last level driving autonomous. At this level, the vehicle can move autonomously by any route always and when it is permitted its circulation. However, for that to take place, you must have the sufficient technology to be able to react to the unforeseen events that may arise on the road.

With this classification customers may know of an easier way and simple to the degree of autonomy that they have some of the vehicles that are currently on sale. Another thing will be the cars that arrive in the future, because just as there are that modify this classification.

Source – SAE