Autonomous cars might be tested in Australia

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Australia is one of the largest countries in the world. There is a great biodiversity of plant and animal species, which makes it a unique space. But not only is different for its fauna and flora, also what is by their cars and the automotive industry. Australian consumers are accustomed to a series of models that do not occur in the west, however autonomous cars will also come to the big island to remind you of living in a globalized world.

The first testing of autonomous cars in the country austral were held in Adelaide in November last year. They form part of a project called “Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative” that is led by the car manufacturer Swedish Volvo. The brand gave several units of the SUV XC90 for the engineers to study how the technology of the driver assistance and may know how to use it properly.

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today, the roads of Australia are not yet open to the testing of autonomous cars, however the situation could change in a short time. The National Transport Commission (NTC) is the study of creating regulations for testing autonomous vehicles in the country. To do this they are creating a document that will gather the main criteria you should continue these tests to be carried out in its tracks.

According to Geoff Allan, chief executive of the NTC, with this new law they could ensure the traffic of the autonomous cars by Australia safely and efficiently. In addition, we are also working for that is not necessary the presence of the road police as well as surveillance extra to carry out these tests. In this way the manufacturers can perform these tasks a discrete and orderly.

Allan also mentioned that creating this law could to convert Australia into a centre world reference for brands to test their autonomous cars. This way the brands can test their autonomous cars in various weather conditions and Australia can benefit from the progress made on issues of innovation and technology.

Source – National Transport Commission of Australia (NTC)