Avalanche Toyota at SEMA 2016 with a Land Cruiser of 2,000 HP in the head


Toyota Land Speed Cruiser.

The offensive of Toyota at this year’s SEMA Show has been immense, with a thirty preparations presented on the vehicles in its range north american, in addition to the own celebration of half a century of life of the Toyota Corolla. The best-selling model in history and for both the Toyota most popular. In addition, it is one of the exhibitions of greater size in the entire history of the event in Las Vegas.

Leading the sort of models we can find a wild preparation on the off-road excellence of the brand. After the denomination Land Speed Cruiser we find a Land Cruiser totally crushed against the floor, which has a V8 engine of 5.7-liter capable of delivering up to 2.000 horses.

The nickname ‘Speed’ is not accidental or arbitrary, since this mole to 2,000 hp is able to reach more than 350 kilometers per hour of maximum speed. To be carried to production, which surely will never happen, it would be the off-road or tourism high-rise fastest in history.


Toyota Swagger Wagon, Sienna MPV.

in Addition to the Land Speed Cruiser, Toyota presents preparations as interesting as the Swagger Wagon. A preparation on the Toyota Sienna MPV, which is described as a private jet on wheels, in which the luxury is the main leitmotif of this work.

Modified heavily to the outside, where we find elements inspired in the competition, some of them are even made of carbon fiber, the interior is where we really find its value. Shows a luxurious interior fully lined in leather in which the latest technologies take control. This has WiFi connectivity and a stunning display of technological audio-visual materials.

This year marks the first half-century of the Toyota Corolla, as we have already seen in his time, so that the brand has prepared an exhibition especially created to commemorate such an occasion. With the sample of various exemplary classics of the Corolla, although we can also find variants more modern, such as the XTREME Corolla, another brutal preparation that radicalizes the compact american, transforming it into an exemplary aspect of coupe of 2 doors and a great interior preparation, with new JBL sound system including.


Toyota GT86 CS-Cup.

strange as it may seem, the Toyota Prius is also the subject of one of these preparations sports. The hybrid vehicle has been reconditioned and radicalized for use of circuit. According to the brand, with the Prius G has been able to reach up to 0.99 g on the track at the Willow Springs International Raceway.

Other models presented are the Tacoma TRD, radical version of the Pick-Up that is sold in north America or the variant CS-Cup of the Toyota GT86, which until a few months ago it was marketed under the banner Scion. in that market.