Awards Funniest story in Road


The Adventures you can get to live in road can give you these doses of excitement you need to forget everyday problems . Asphalt Roads traveling daily driving can upload closer to unique and interesting corners.

Possibly’ve survived many fun experiences in the car by way home, work or the destination that you have chosen to travel.

If yes, Euromaster expert tire and vehicle maintenance company gives you the opportunity to tell your story more fun and memorable you have lived in your car trips, participate in a competition where your experience can be the star of the network.

Every week will be chosen among the many stories received by Euromaster, the most original and entertaining, and then podcast is registered as your “road story” will be popular among users who navigate the digital sea.


In the event that finally your adventure be the winner chosen, you will receive an voucher € 200 and two tickets to attend the monologue comedian upon Juan Ibáñez (The Ant). In this way, your story becomes the protagonist in the voice of this famous humorist, whose argument can share with many people who also want to share in this story.

But if you have not selected, do not worry because Euromaster Awards does not end at this point. Just by participating you will could win very many awards that will not leave indifferent as, for example, backpacks Samsonite, jackets Mile Miglia, professional set of sommelier or shirts Ferrari.


To participate in this fun competition just have to go to the corner of Euromaster in Facebook and follow these simple steps: become a fan popular company deck write history more fun than you’ve lived in the car and finally sent to Euromaster and you could win so many awards.

To consult the terms of this exclusive promotion can go to your place Facebook where more detailed information can be provided and clear all doubts.


Do not miss the opportunity to tell a review and make it available to other users that circulate on the internet, as well as having the ability to obtain exclusive prizes. If you lose?

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