Awesome! This Volvo FH16 towing video 750 tons of weight, in 20 trailers and 40 containers

The best video you’ll see today, I guarantee it personally. Volvo Trucks and advertising agency to achieve the impossible: to bring the great public the fascination for big trucks, a product by and for professionals, in a fun way and very innovative. For example, leaving a little girl driving a dump truck with a remote control, or putting Jean-Claude Van Damme doing a split between two trucks. This time, have been exceeded, and have brought to a head tractor Volvo FH16 tow 750 tons of weight.

The total tow are 750 tons. 150 adults, 350 todocaminos Volvo XC90, or four Boeing 747, as you prefer.

Happened in the port of Gothenburg, in Sweden. It is a logistics center close to the production plant of Volvo, and is a place big enough to “maneuver” that Volvo Trucks has been prepared. Have joined no less than 20 trailers, each loaded with two 40-foot containers, filled with spare parts of Volvo. A total of 40 containers, which online form a gigantic train road of 300 meters in length. Who will pull it? A tractor unit Volvo FH16, fitted with the new gearbox I-Shift.

camion-volvo-750-toneladas-5The total weight of this trailer of 300 meters is 750 tons. The tractor unit FH16 is a truck heavier and able to manufactured by Volvo. In its most powerful version, equipped with in your gut the engine D16K, a gigantic six-cylinder turbo 16.1 liter displacement, supercharged by a huge turbocharger. Develops 750 HP of power, and a torque herculean: 3.550 Nm. As two Bugatti Chiron and a BMW M4 together, about. Your gearbox is a manual drive, robotic, gearbox series.

This gearbox has developments too short, and can travel at speeds of even 0.5 km/h in his development short. Volvo estimates that this truck is capable of carrying up to 325 tons of weight on your serial configuration, but have never tried to beat at double its capacity for entrainment. A maneuver as well put a tremendous amount of pressure on all the powertrain of the truck, especially in the gearbox and drive shafts. Volvo has only reinforced the plate of the fifth wheel of the truck.

camion-volvo-750-toneladas-4At the wheel of the truck was Magnus Samuelsson, known as the “strongest man in the world”, accompanied by a well-known british journalist for commercial vehicles. Despite some problems in the brakes of some of the trailers and a weather was not very favourable – rain followed by light snow – the truck managed to go anything less than 100 meters by dragging the gigantic trailer of 300 meters long. Without further delay, here is the fantastic result on video of Volvo Trucks.

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