BAC constructs a hipercar in order to compete against the hybrids P1, 918 Spyder, LaFerrari…

BAC hypercar

we present what can be one of the cars most unique and exciting in-circuit that we can acquire. Neill and Ian Briggs are the names of two brothers who set out to create a brand capable of competing with the best Hypercars hybrids of the world.

With a rated power of 305 HP and a torque of 364Nm, are not figures that we seem too surprising. Well, don’t underestimate these data because they belong to the BAC Mono; a vehicle capable of reaching 100Km/h in less than 3 seconds. Now, BAC wants to make a car capable of competing face to face with a McLaren P1…

BAC hypercar

But this is not all. The “modest” company founded in 2009 in Liverpool has between the hands a great project. Although it is still somewhat early to specify too much, we know that BAC is willing to end up with a project that will consist in the craft of building a two-seater with the roof closed, and the price of which exceed one million euros.

As mentioned, to date, the model most representative of the brand is the BAC Mono. However, the small factory will employ the latest technology in construction materials for your new model, among others, used graphene. The launch of what could be one of the vehicles more “radiacles” ever created will be in 2021.


Currently the greatest handicap for the company is the acquisition of funds that allow to afford the production of this ambitious sports; however, BAC ensures to possess potential customers. A great part of these, are owners of other exclusive models and hypercars, which is a relief in this aspect. In fact, the project BAC Mono began thanks to the support of 10 or 15 lucky ones who were eager to have it and now, waiting for a response like that.

in Addition to all this, BAC is weighing the possibility of building a new BAC Mono that incorporates a “system of alternative propulsion”. Everything points to a version fully electric based on the technology used in the Formula E. As a curiosity, the brother Neill was a director of engineering in the construction project of the Ford Focus RS.

Source – BAC