Back on board of a GP3 in the Baku City Circuit


the preparations for the celebration of the first European GP of Formula 1 in Azerbaijan to enter in its final phase and in the absence of two weeks to the official premiere of the Baku City Circuit, the first car has rolled through the streets of the capital zaorí. The urban route was traveled by the pilot local Gülhüseyn Abdullayev at the wheel of a GP3 specification old to show the different nuances of a track that will have the responsibility of hosting a test that coincides with the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with all that this implies.

Although the return made by Gülhüseyn Abdullayev is not to fund, the performance of the pilot azeri Fields Racing which competes this season in the EuroFormula Open helps us to know the first key of the track and all its nuances. At a glance, you can see a first sector with long straights and bends of ninety degrees without too much charisma, a middle area with a path more closely associated with the area of the castle and a last sector with a steep slope, open curves and long straights that promise great emotions and see how the pilots are going to fund for a good number of seconds.