Back to the past: innovative touch screen Toronado 1989 (video)

Sometimes I love to look back and see how a few decades ago we watched with fascination technologies that today are popular and widespread in almost all modern cars. That is why moved to 1989 to meet the Oldsmobile Toronado , a compact coupe, deluxe, which was marketed well into their nineties and proposed such innovative ideas for the time as a touch screen or a picture of fully digital controls . A technology that then imagine that surprised all and sundry, but today seem so advanced as a Casio F91W clock. [1.99901 million]

The Oldsmobile Toronado 1989 and offered amazing technologies for the time, as a fully digital control box or a touch screen on the dashboard.

Oldsmobile released a system called Visual Information Center , which was not initially designed to show signs browser, or to serve as a visual interface, but to access multiple controls of the car, like the radio, or air conditioning. Remember that this is an ancient touch system, though effective, which already had screen LCD color, and even a giant remote control, as you can see in the video that we show below.

The dashboard was no less spectacular . With a huge screen LCD low, very low resolution, based on indicators backlit with green lighting worthy of a calculator.

Via: The Confidential | Forocoches
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