Bad news, the BMW i8 spyder is delayed until 2018

Look at who started the year well with the arrival of the BMW i8 Vision Future Interaction at CES in Las Vegas. Despite being a prototype, it we overtook the possible arrival of a BMW i8 Spyder. However now it seems that such arrival is delayed, and does so considerably, as it will not come until the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018.

Will come, but we will have to wait longer than what wanted to see

The truth is that it comes concocting lies the possibility from the moment that we met the BMW i8, there by the year 2014. However version descapotada not began to take force until two weeks ago, after the fair CES Las Vegas 2016, when almost all we took for granted that at the end of this year what we would see made a reality.

But little has lasted the joy, as such and as stated by Motoring, the project has been postponed in the interest of seeking new technological solutions. The i8 Spyder will not only be an i8 convertible, but once more it will become a shuttle technology, which aims to deal mainly Tesla.

BMW wants to take things seriously and that is why is already working on a new computer battery. Sources latest generation of power that will allow the i8 Spyder to show an autonomy extended, as well as increased performance. A development that will be copied in the BMW i5, which, as we mentioned, we will not see until 2020.


This is only a prototype, but the I8 Spyder will be very similar to this

this way you put a point and followed to a project, be present to what is, but not moving forward at the pace we all hoped or craved. Finally, the BMW i8 Spyder will be a reality, only you will have to wait more time than initially expected. At least until the end of next year, and may even be delayed until 2018. We’ll see.