Bad news, the Land Rover Defender will not return

El Land Rover Defender se despide tras 68 añosThis week came a rumor that returned the illusion to the lovers of the Land Rover Defender. Apparently, a businessman in the petrochemical industry would have presented to the English company a project to resuscitate the Defender. In this way, the popular model would come back to life, and we would continue enjoying this great all-rounder as we knew it. Days later, the brand breaks all hope of confirming that only they manufactured the Defend, and that will be in a new generation.

as Well, sharp, the Land Rover close the topic opened few days ago. Jim Ratcliffe, CEO of the chemical company INEOS, owner of one of the last to Defend manufactured, it had entered into discussions with the brand to resurrect the model. You argued two possibilities, or that the employer acquired the intellectual property of the aforementioned off-road, or on the contrary to buy the assembly line where they assemble the Land Rover Defender.

El Land Rover Defender se despide tras 68 añosBut nothing to see. The company has stated that “there is no way that’s going to happen, we’re not going to leave anyone to produce our Defender”, in response to this topic. The brand just hit and smash with the few hopes he still had so many faithful followers of the Defender. And is that in these 68 years of life, popular, English has earned the recognition of the respectable.

closes a door but opens a window, and from it we can see the new generation of the Land Rover Defender that will come in 2018 or 2019. The new model will update the figure of the Defender and will have a level of technology according to the times. According to the latest reports, will come with different bodies and two types of battle.

Source – Land Rover

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