Bad news: there will be a new 3-door Renault Megane

From the very Frankfurt , from the carpet stand Renault bad news reaching us. Renault confirms that no there will be a new Renault Megane 3-door . The compact signing the diamond and succumb to this trend we have seen in a number of models that have already wielded rivals and alternatives within the Renault itself.

From the Frankfurt Renault confirms that there will be 3-door Mégane 2016

This new generation Renault Megane, recent, still hot under the lights of Frankfurt 2015 will not be with three doors , will not be shaped coupe , it will not, either in the form of convertible, coupe-cabrio those that Peugeot, Volkswagen and Renault itself had a generation ago.

For now therefore the absence of knowing whether there will be a family version or not, we were only 5-door configuration .

The end of the 3-door compact?

The SEAT Leon, the Volkswagen Golf, KIA his pro_cee’d, the … Hyundai i30 3-door alternatives are becoming smaller.

The case of the new Renault Megane is by no means an exception. If we look at the current landscape of compact are many brands that have renounced their alternatives 3 doors, there are few examples that have kept the two variants.

We can mention the Ford Focus, the Honda Civic or the Peugeot 308 as quick examples of this trend that surely does not end with the Renault Megane.

To learn more about the new Renault Megane 2016:

Available with mechanical 90-205 horses, sporting a longer, lower height and all the great aesthetic performance of the new design language of the brand, well this new technology in its interior the Renault Megane has been presented dropper, being able to know all details in the following article:

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