Bad times for poetry. It’s official: stop selling Citroën hydropneumatic

Citroën is more than one line DS – now marketed as an independent brand. Citroën is more than transgressors products that C4 Cactus, however much we liked his philosophy. Citroën’s innovative technology, distinction from other manufacturers. Or at least it was until recently. Citroën say goodbye to the famous hydropneumatic suspension, one of the technologies most valued customer , a symbol of comfort from the original DS, since the fifties, have tried to convey.

The Citroen C5, the only product that equipping until now, have not over.

A month ago and I overtook that the disappearance of the hydropneumatic was close. And the fact that the Citroën C5, the only model still had this technology will not have a successor, all I did was reaffirm the idea that the hydropneumatic suspension is overdue . They have confirmed Linda Jackson, CEO Citroen Automotive News.

Why Citroen resignation of one of its most valued technologies and one of the greatest assets of the brand? [1.99901 million]


After 60 years of softness and comfort, hydropneumatic Citroen C5 die with

The number one reason would be the disappearance of the products that fit this system perfectly, the disappearance of the Citroen C5 already mentioned earlier. Reason number two a new approach to product advocate more economic models , by free interpretations without a clear red line between segments and transgression of the aforementioned products as Citroën C4 Cactus. Comfort is work under some very different ideas. The technology will be enhanced with the trick of entertainment equipment, digital instrumentation and other similar systems on board.

As for suspensions, Citroën will continue working to provide adaptive damping systems , more advanced and precise, so that its benefits are increasingly close to those that once would have provided hydropneumatic of which as I spoke further my colleague Sergio Alvarez in his article.

The decision is not surprising. And although it is still sadden, it makes perfect sense. The Citroën sold 1,185,234 units worldwide in 2014, only 10,000 outfitting hydropneumatic suspensions. [1.99901 million]

In motor After 60 years of softness and comfort, hydropneumatic Citroen C5 die with [1.99901 million]


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