BAIC will develop three models using the platform of the Mercedes E-Class previous


The Mercedes E-Class previous will give life to several models of BAIC in China

BAIC is one of those great brands vehicle manufacturers in china that you should sound. We know that there are many of them but this you’ve had to hear about it since this is a company state-owned with headquarters in Beijing, among other news is the partner of Mercedes there, you know how it works with the topic of the jpoint-venture at those places.

the Result of this collaboration with the three-pointed star announces the launch of at least three models that will be exclusive to the local market, all of them based on the old platform of the Mercedes E-Class. A way to take advantage of existing resources and be able to provide the market with vehicles of great quality at a more affordable price. Although the Mercedes E-Class, just make the change of generation, it is undeniable the quality provided by this platform.


The next generation of the Senova D80 has all the ballots to be based on the Class And

the first of The models BAIC based on the
Class E it will be a sedan that maybe it’s a generational relay of the sedan Senova D80, in the photo is for illustrative on this paragraph, the sedan will continue to be a SUV based on the she also of the family Senova and together they will develop a mpv that will be sold as Weiwang.

These new models of BAIC with the platform of the sedan German will be propulsion and will have mechanical petrol 1.8 turbocharged and a block 3.0 liter V6 kw us inevitably to a transmission automatic six relations, again in collaboration with Mercedes.


This prototype of a sporty electric BAIC submitted this year in Beijing was designed by a Spanish company

TO BAIC also know for being the chinese company that bought part of SAAB General Motors after the bankruptcy of the Swedish and also the manufacturer that in the past Hall of Beijing 2016 presented to the BAIC Arcfox-7, a supercar of electric propulsion , whose design was entrusted to a Spanish company.

it Seems that BAIC will the business quite well since during the first seven months of the year, has sold 232.000 cars, which means an amazing increase of sales of +43% as compared with the same period of the previous year.