Baidu already has a permit to test its autonomous car in the US

Baiduwe have Already said on several occasions that the race for the autonomous car seems to have no end. The builders of cars as Mercedes-Benz, Tesla or BMW have been joined by the direct competition from companies with base technological. This is the case of Google and the more recent the chinese giant Baidu. We should mention that Baidu is the Google chinese, that is to say, the largest provider of internet in the asian giant.

This race to develop autonomous cars has already gone to another stage for Baidu. The chinese company has managed to get the authorization to test their cars without driver in united States. More specifically, it has been allowed to test in the state of California. With this government authorization, the chinese firm is a step closer to achieving your goal, which is the manufacturing mass of autonomous cars in five years.

Baidu coche autónomoSince last year 2013 Baidu is developing the technology needed to create a prototype of a car without a driver. Once he managed to build a prototype functional was able to carry out your test with success at the end of 2015 through the streets of Beijing. In these tests the company put up the technology developed and was able to reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour on certain routes.

To all this must be added that Baidu has advanced will create a team of professionals dedicated specifically to develop autonomous vehicles in the united States. This new facility will be the first with this mission outside of the asian country because it has other development centers in chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. This centre, along with the already mentioned need to be coordinated to develop the technology necessary for their autonomous cars could be functional in the period of five years, as it has marked the company in their plans.

Source – Baidu