Baidu has prepared its autonomous car and it shows in Beijing


Baidu is the company that owns the search engine of the same name and one of the most important in China. The search engine is the chinese equivalent to Google and, following in the steps of their opponent american, Baidu has also entered the already competitive world of the development of cars fully autonomous.

The prototype manufactured by Baidu is built on a BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo. This summer they promised that they would ready the car before the end of the year, and his promise has been fulfilled with the first route of 30 km to the north Beijing in which the vehicle has moved by multi-lane roads and streets doing maneuvers lane changes, turns and changes of direction with traffic.

The vehicle is equipped with sensors, high resolution cameras, radar and high-precision. These elements are capable of perform a virtual map the drive interprets to overcome obstacles, obey traffic signals and react to other vehicles.


This has been the result of a alliance with BMW that was forged in April last year and aims to be the first autonomous vehicle in the asian country.