Baidu strikes back: China is no country for autonomous cars of Google

Baidu is the Google of China, and it is a technology company that does not want to lose the train of the autonomous car. Google is already years rolling with driverless cars in California and Texas, and companies like Apple are planning to plunging full on the automotive world with autonomous cars. It was only a matter of time that Baidu contraatacase in China with a car without a driver. The first tests have already been a success, and have led to a BMW 3 Series GT to go in Beijing, a route of over 30 km without incident. How wars begin-autonomous?

Baidu does not want to be late to the struggle for the release of the first car 100% autonomous in the world.

The autonomous car of Baidu is actually very similar to the autonomous car of Google. It is a production car equipped with a multitude of sensors, cameras, high-resolution radar and high-precision mounted on the roof, which is going by reading the road and reacting to the traffic and signaling. The first tour completely autonomous car has been one relatively simple, by rounds of ring road and surrounding streets. A route is not too complicated, but with an added difficulty: the drivers chinese.


I don’t want that to be interpreted as a racist comment, but the respect for the rules of the road and signage is much more lax in China than in the West. In fact, one of the comments Google made about the introduction of its autonomous cars in China is that their algorithms do not react well with the aggressiveness of the traffic chinese. Google cars would be paralyzed before a traffic without piety which he used without hesitation the education of their autonomous car.

Google collects millions of kilometers of autonomous experience in the united States.

Imagine that Baidu has taken into account these behaviors, always with the safety of other road users as a point set in stone. In the Wired article that is quoted as the source for this news informs us that Baidu will launch autonomous vehicles geographically limited. Think of a bus that runs always the same route or cars without driver limited to the urban center of a city. The approach of Google is much more radical: they want to launch an autonomous car 100% multi-purpose from the first moment.


Approximations in both cases very different to those of the manufacturers of cars, which will little by adding modes of driving semi-autonomous to their cars, step by step, on secure. With this feat that Baidu get is that they are recognized as the aspirants clear the domain of the autonomous car, although they have a lot of work ahead if they want to overtake giants such as Google or Tesla, which have already accumulated millions of miles of driving autonomous or semi-autonomous. That said, the wars of the autonomous car to be just starting.

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