Baku already note the benefits do not match up with Le Mans


Arif Rahimov, the promoter of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan, has confirmed that the change of date for the eighth round of the championship has had many benefits. The most obvious is the sale of tickets, which has increased a remarkable way with respect to the same date of 2016.

this was stated by Rahimov, saying that the sales of localities “are going up. By what we have seen so far with respect to the same period of last year, we sold five times more. So we have seen a big change, probably influenced by the viewers that we had last year and who have been persuaded to come”, said Rahimov in a statement to Motorsport.

This year the 24 Hours of Le Mans will be held a week before the Grand Prix, which will enable viewers who can afford it don’t have to choose between one and another, as well as the press. “it is Obviously good to have more press and viewers in Azerbaijan for the race. Last year many people had the chance to see how was the race and attracted many viewers international. We are pleased that those viewers do not have to choose between the two careers, said the promoter, who believes that the good image of 2016 has helped to that more people want to visit Baku.

More press shifted to the event means more coverage, and that is something that Baku will also get this year, since the media should not choose between one or the other race or split teams displaced. “Le Mans is a big event and many media had to choose between the two careers and do not have to do it this year. Another positive aspect is that our race will not be held consecutively with the other, so that we have more time to prepare, jointly with the management of F1 and its technical teams to ensure that the track is good. Last year was a logistical nightmare to organise everything in such a short time”, said Rahimov, who this year hopes to be able to have it all done with less stress than in the premiere.