Baku will be the street circuit fastest in the world, according to Tilke


Since it was announced, the Grand Prix of Europe, that he will return after 4 years of absence on the new street circuit of Baku, has attracted a lot of criticism, both for its location (Azerbaijan is a country that bases its fortune on oil, and that has been accused of not respecting human rights), its peculiar path, or their coincidence in the calendar with the 24 hours of Le Mans. However, its designer, Hermann Tilke, is enthusiastic about before his latest creation.

The German architect, whose pen (and computer systems) has been designed from the ground up 8 of the 21 tracks of the calendar, and left his stamp on other 5, has stated that “Baku will be one of the circuits most exciting on the calendar. Of course, it is not comparable with any of the circuits permanent to be a city. But, even compared to other street circuits, Baku is único“.


“Stands out for many reasons. Will be the street circuit fastest in the world“. at least according To the data of Tilke, who predicted a lap time of 1:41 around 6 kilometres of the route azerbaiyaní, and a rotational speed in the difficult curve 8 of 200 kilometers per hour. The streets are really narrow, and that is exactly what makes it so attractive”.

“The most challenging task was to think of an idea for the layout of a street circuit in Baku, which is suitable for the Formula 1. Tend to arise various problems, but, next to the promoters, we have solved with success.” despite reports that pointed to delays in the preparations for the event, which will take place in less than 3 months, Tilke has no doubts that the event will be held. “We have been working on this project since June of 2014. The entire team will work until the last minute, but all estárá ready on time”.