Baldisserri: “Ferrari is not a team, is a group of scared people”


Ferrari anda mired in a sea of criticism, that not only come from the press and the fans, but also from some former members of the team as Luca Baldisserri. The Italian was the chief engineer of the Scuderia and, later, was relegated to the role of responsible of the Ferrari Drivers Academy away from the paddock of the Formula 1. early in the year, he left Ferrari to guide the career of a former member of the program,Lance Stroll, and act as a consultant to the team Prema.

Now, in an interview granted to Corriere dello Sport, Baldisserri speaks of the politics of fear that according to the Italian mainstream in Ferrari with Maurizio Arrivabene as the main cause. “Unfortunately, neither Marchionne nor Arrivabene have experience in competition. Today no longer are a team, are a group of scared people. In this climate of terror, the boys do not innovate, do not take decisions for fear of being fired”.

Binotto, an error

Recently, Ferrari lost James Allison, up until that time Technical Director and was replaced by Mattia Binotto. This appointment was accompanied by some statements made by Marchionne and Arrivabene in which they claimed that was going to adopt a new system of management, more horizontal, that is to say, in which several people were exercising important roles in the organizational structure in place to respond directly to a visible head.

For Baldisserri, such a system does not work and, in addition, Mattia Binotto is not the right person to take on the technical direction. “Mattia knows how to motivate people, you have a lot of experience, but it is not a Technical Director. He knows he can’t design a car, nor have a great knowledge of the aerodynamic and mechanical chassis. I think it would be better as head of the team. The chain of command in the Formula 1 has to be more than vertical, must be military”.

Finally, Baldisserri has an impact on the current situation that live the pilots of Ferrari, with Räikkönen offering their best version in a long time and, on the contrary, Vettel’s erratic and very far from the pilot that we saw in 2015. “Räikkönen is better than in 2015, but Vettel is much worse, Ferrari has to recover, especially in the short term. The problem is not them. The money is there, but you win with stability, those who are there should not be rush. I understand that Marchionne wants to win, but it does not work as well in F1”.