┬┐Bananas as motor oil in a Citroen 2CV? You will not believe this story

automotive history is full of anecdotes and curiosities. For example, some time ago we told the story of a French adventurer who became his 2CV I wrecked in a makeshift bike, saving his life in the middle of the desert. Today’s story also features a Citroen 2CV . We are transported to the distant 1959. Jacques Seguela and JC Baudot were crossing the Atacama Desert in Chile, when his car ran out of oil . They had no spare parts. What happened?

bananas as a lubricant? Someone you thought it was a good idea …

The pair of adventurers was hundreds of kilometers from civilization, and worst of all is that now had exhausted all its oil supply . The firm treacherous desert – 3,000 km away end to end – made them hitting a rock that broke the crankcase without them noticing until it was too late. The car stopped with a mechanical noise. The situation was desperate . Suddenly an Indian appeared walking down the road. The adventurous couple conveyed by signs his problem.

platanos-citroen-2cv-2 Without thinking twice, the Indian hair several of bananas was carrying in his bag and placed in the casing of the 2CV. The solution seemed stupid, but started the car and could travel 300 km with only bananas as lubrication for two-cylinder boxer engine. According Baudot and Seguela said. The story belongs to a catalog published in Holland in 1967 – whose title translated becomes something like “Featured Stories Citroen 2CV.” – That collects small utility exploits of French origin

Fact or myth?

In motor we doubt the effectiveness of a banana. Perhaps it is just a vintage “trolling”.

Although bananas can be oily, I doubt banana paste serves as motor oil , even in a desperate situation. If the car is stopped for lack of oil as possible it is that the engine had already seizing. Anyway, despite being already a well-documented history, was not the first time heard, even in 1967. The same story, with a military vehicle had already been heard in the Second World War. The story ran mouth like wildfire and was collected in Popular Mecanics.

platanos-citroen-2cv-3 But really talking about a mechanic who used bananas to lubricate the rear differential of a light truck. Although bananas can have an oily texture, I not suggest anyone use them as replacement engine lubricant . Even in old cars and heavy machinery, unless you want Remove by staying non-power myth on the road. Yet it is a curious story, told by French adventurers themselves, who did complete a round the world in a 2CV in 1959.

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Source: Jalopnik
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