Banderazo out the Toyota Proace Verse

Toyota Proace Verso

The segment large suvs or vans for the transport of persons has given, in recent years, a great leap in quality. This is seen simply with the exterior design of the vehicles, a lot more careful, sophisticated, and thankful, but on the inside, also appreciate the details and qualities that are close to the cars traditional. This is the Toyota Proace Verse, the minivan up to 9 seats of the japanese firm.

in Addition to getting a few designs, quality and equipment, much more accomplished, they still offer a great modularity and satisfaction. The Toyota Proace Verse has 3 versions depending on the length of your body, Compact, Medium (L1) and Long (L2); as well as three trim levels, called Shuttle, Family and VIP. Right now, in the beginning of its commercialization, are available, the body Compact and the Medium next to the finished Shuttle, and Family. Body Long finish and the VIP will come in a few months.


Toyota Proace Verso

All the Proace Verse have a width of 2.2 meters and a height of 1.9. The Toyota Proace Verse Compact has a length of 4.6 meters, with a wheelbase of 2.9, being available with a cabin of six or nine squares. In the case of the Proace Verse (or L1) the total length of the body increases to 4.9 meters, to grow on their battle also in 30 cm to stand at 3.2 metres. The body of greater length is the Long (or L2), which measures 5,3 metres and maintains the battle of 3.2 metres, so the growth is reflected in the rear overhang, to allow a greater load capacity.


Toyota Proace Verso

The range Toyota Proace Verso is available with four versions mechanics, being all of them diesel. On one hand we have the variants 95D and 115D turning to a block 1.6 to yield 95 and 116 HP at full performance, while on the other we have the denominations 150D and 180D that generate 150 and 177 HP.

For the moment, the two variants of higher power will be available only with the body, the Medium (L1). With respect to the transmissions, the variant 95D uses a change 5-speed manual, 115D and 150D a manual 6 and, finally, the release 180D a automatic 6-speed transmission.


Toyota Proace Verso

As we have said, this big mpv has three levels of equipment, although currently you can only associate to two. The finish Shuttle is focused on the people who use the Proace Verse both for work and for family use, being designed primarily for the transportation of people. Is available with one or two side doors, air conditioning, airbags driver and pasejero, hill start assist, cruise control, crystals later obscured, electric windows, bluetooth, and daytime running lights of LED.

Meanwhile, the finish Family improved interior space, comfort, modularity and finishes, and may have five or eight seats. Serial brings all quoted above in the finished Shuttle by adding in addition to seats on rails, climate control bizona seat post, red cubrequipajes, seatbacks recline to the passenger, folding tables in the backrests of the front seats and tailgate with rear folding.


Toyota Proace Verso

Prices offered by the brand discount including.

Finish Body Engine Squares Price
Finish Body Engine Squares Price
Shuttle Compact 95 HP 6 squares 22.125 €
Shuttle Compact 95 HP 9 seats 23.430 €
Shuttle 95 HP 6 squares 22.620 €
Shuttle 95 HP 9 seats 23.620 €
Shuttle Compact 115 HP 6 squares 23.495 €
Shuttle Compact 115 HP 9 seats 24.800 €
Shuttle 115 HP 6 squares 23.990 €
Shuttle 115 HP 9 seats 24.940 €
Shuttle 150 HP 6 squares 26.305 €
Shuttle 150 HP 9 seats 29.455 €
Shuttle 180 HP 9 seats 33.435 €
Family Compact 115 HP 5 spaces 26.825 €
Family Compact 115 HP 8 plazas 27.275 €
Family 115 HP 8 plazas 30.375 €
Family 150 HP 8 plazas 32.435 €
Family 180 HP 8 plazas 38.250 €

Toyota Proace
From 26.705 euros
Now from 20.670 euro