Baojun E100: the new power of General Motors to China for 4,500 euros


The new Baojun E100.

The latest project of electric vehicle of General Motors in China has resulted in the interesting Baojun E100, a kind of utilitarian two-seater that has a range of around 100 miles, about 160 kilometres on a single charge. But most important of all the E100 is its price, as in China is available for the equivalent of 4.517 € at the current exchange rate.

The E100 is the work of the joint venture that kept General Motors in China, so it is a product that has been developed to be manufactured and marketed exclusively in that country. . Its price in China is 35.800 yuan, which represent a little more than $ 5,300 or 4.517 euros mentioned above.

however, its low price does not mean that we are dealing with a model look cheap, on the contrary, if we look at the images of the interior of the model, we can see that the E100 has a cabin very attractive, nothing to do with the design image out of date that have traditionally been the vehicles of chinese brands.


Interior of the new E100 electric.

The E100 inevitably reminds us of the Smart Fortwo, short length and silhouette minivan, with an interior two-seater stringent. The shapes of the bumper, something more bulky than the rest of the front also remind us of the German model, although the reading of the panels and optics is very different to the nice utility european.

In the interior we find the same formula, with a dashboard that is very clear but of great visual quality, and above all very colorful, with shots of vibrant colours in contrast with the dark color of the plastic coatings, including the steering wheel itself in two arms. The control console is limited to a small center console with the controls for the air conditioning system and a screen floating above, while the dashboard is a new digital display. The result, although evidence of its economic nature, it is not unpleasant and gives a bad appearance.

on A technical level, the E100 has a small electric motor with 39 HP , which allow reaching a maximum speed limited to 100 km/h, with an autonomy of about 160 kilometres on a single charge, some figures more than acceptable for a model of court clearly urban, especially for that price knockdown.