Barbie Jeep Racing: our sport redneck favorite, ideal to break the chrism

I recognize you… I have a certain fascination for the culture redneck – palette, in a word – of the united States. I have come to the point of visiting trailer parks, and state fairs in my travels to the united States. And I’ve only gotten to taste a small part, without a visit to the deep South. It is there where they celebrate championships unofficial Barbie Jeep Racing. Its name is explanatory: it consists of descend a slope smothered with toy cars for children. An ideal way to spend the Sunday and split the chrism.

This crazy championship even has prizes. The winner has been up to $ 200 in cash.

The cars are not modified, and it is certain that you are not prepared or to go down steep muddy, nor to support the weight of an adult. And quite bulky in some cases. Nor do they have suspension, and are built entirely of cheap plastic. The result is quite predictable: a festival of rollovers, accidents, and cars games in various pieces. It seems really fun. Also dangerous, but there is no such word in the vocabulary of the rednecks.

This championship, and the video that we collect on these lines were recorded in Delta, Alabama. Don’t miss it, it is the most fun you possibly can see today. And yes, like good rednecks, you will not find a single black or a single person without a hat or vest in the military. This “sport” – to call it somehow – is even Facebook official, with more than 35,000 followers. Definitely, God Bless America…

Source: Jalopnik
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