Barcelona and Hungary, selected for the tests of 2018 during the season


The teams have chosen to celebrate the tests that take place in the course of the season after the Grand Prix of Spain and the Hungarian Grand Prix. These trials will take place Tuesday and Wednesday right after the 20 cars that make up the grille have played the Great Prize, for which reason the regulation permits its realization.

Two of these four days will be allocated to the young riders, sessions in which the managers of rolling the car weekend after weekend will yield your seat to the future promises as decided by the team. It will be the duty then of talents as Mazepin and Auer, riders they will be Force India for the tests of this campaign in Hungary, Alfonso Celis or Sergey Sirotkin, for example.

For this year, we opted for the circuit of Sakhir after the GP Bahrain in April, and Hungary will be the second appointment in which the teams will be able to test parts that will be followed in the upcoming races. It is expected that Robert Kubica try first-hand a car of this year, in addition to his experience in the simulator in his pursuit of a seat in a Formula 1.

finally, the season of 2018 will continue to develop in Barcelona; there will be two sessions of four days each that will help with the final application of the cars of the coming year, while Pirelli will have their conferences respective to fine-tune a few tyres this year have been a sin of excess dureza.

Circuito Días
Barcelona-Catalunya 15/16 may
Hungaroring July 31 and August 1